Dies ist ein englischsprachiger Workshop.

This workshop is for people who think they can't dance, who dance and want to spend time "self listening" , tuning in, and open to explore, who want to create in the moment, who would like to move, have fun and connect.

We'll be focusing on exploring the connection between movement and your emotions. Encourage tracking of bodily sensations and breath. Help guide you through self-expressive and improvisational movements. Facilitating tuning in to what the body's voice may wish to express and facilitating movement awareness, and how to make a "non dance" a dance. We will move with an emphasis on awareness and sensation from the first-person perspective

There will be live piano impro play with the incredible "Jello", they will make our movements echo in notes, melodies and rythms.

Zeit/Ort: Samstag, den 29.10., von 14:00 - 15:30 Uhr

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