Samstag, 23.10., 15-16.30 Uhr

Laíz & The Love Ambassadors
Rap Trap Brazilian Funk

Laíz: Brazilian newcomer Rapper (Jundiaí-São Paulo) and Painter based in Berlin, mixes Rap, Trap and Brazilian Funk with her own dialogues on topics of fear, power of nature, ancestrality, sexuality and youth. After featuring at Berlin’s underground sessions Sonic Interventions and Soulfam, her first EP (produced by Pachakuti & young.vishnu) is to be released in 2022.

The Love Ambassadors: Ma.ttic, Paulrhythms, Hunterchee, and Pachikuti met in the summer of 2020 as part of Sonic In(ter)ventions, a jam hosted in Berlin parks. The quartet formed as the second lockdown hit Germany and while enduring uncertainty, making entrancing music that would encourage meditation, sleep, and focus became a necessity. They perform landscapes of improvisation that lull and calm by the energy of live and present repetition. May this help you relax, move, or both and more.

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